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The Neuroscience of Excellent Sleep

By Stan Rodski

How to use the insights of neuroscience and the techniques of mindfulness to get a good night’s sleep.
Everyone’s familiar with the consequences of lost sleep: you’re groggy and irritable, your focus is off, you don’t perform at your best, and you’re likely to dump sugary foods and caffeine into your system for an energy boost. But the effects of poor sleep go way beyond these concerns. Indeed, they can be life-threatening.

It’s one thing to know the problem, it’s another to fix it. In this book, renowned neuroscientist Dr Stan Rodski takes us through the fundamentals of sleep – how sleep works, why we sleep and how much sleep we need – but, most importantly, he gives us exercises to help overcome the bane of insomnia. In any endeavour, the key to achievement is proper preparation, and sleep is no different. Drawing on the techniques of mindfulness, meditation and relaxation, and the neuroscience that underpins them all, Dr Stan gives you the tools to prepare yourself (and your children) for an excellent sleep – and enjoy it!

About the author:

Dr Stan Rodski is a highly respected cognitive neuroscientist and authority on improved brain performance in high-stress situations. His current work includes a role as chief neuroscientist for the wellbeing organisation Cernova, and working across Australia, and internationally, developing innovative technologies and programs for individuals, peak performance sports teams and commercial organisations. He is the author of The Neuroscience of Mindfulness and The Neuroscience of Excellent Sleep. Dr Stan lives in Melbourne.

ISBN: 9781460753828

Publisher: HarperCollins

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TitleThe Neuroscience of Excellent Sleep