WHSmith is perfectly located where our customers need us most – at airports, hospitals and railway stations.

Corporate Responsibility

At WHSmith, we have a long-standing commitment to managing the environmental and social impacts of our business – with the aim of maximising the positive impact we can have.  We believe that a commitment to the principles of corporate responsibility makes good business sense and our programmes focus on managing the issues which are most material to our business and to our stakeholders.

We split Corporate Responsibility into four main areas:

  • Responsibility in the Marketplace – the social and environmental impacts of our products.
  • Environmental Management – the environmental impacts of our business operations, including energy use, transport and waste.
  • Workplace Practice – the way we treat our employees.
  • Community Impact – our relationship with the local communities in which we live and work.

A commitment to the principles of corporate responsibility is at the heart of WHSmith. We continue to be ranked highly in the Business in the Community’s Corporate Responsibility Index in recognition of our performance. For Corporate Responsibility enquiries please telephone +44 (0)1793 616161, or email corporate.responsibility@whsmith.co.uk