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Good Woman’s Guide to Making Good Choices

By Liz Foster

How well do you ever really know your husband? And how did Libby – a thoroughly decent straighty one-eighty who’s never even had a speeding ticket – end up with Ludo?

Loyal country girl Libby Popovic lives a golden life with her confident financier husband Ludo and their two children, Harrison and Ava. When Ludo is jailed for financial fraud, and her friends and family lose tens of thousands of dollars as a result, Libby feels agonizingly complicit for hosting the final investor pitch in their home. Matters go from atrocious to worse when her possessions and home are repossessed, Libby is sacked and a priceless family heirloom is wrecked. While camping out at the rural goat farm where she was raised, she’s forced to re-evaluate her life choices.
A warm, funny and outrageously unfair novel about deception, financial fraud and goat’s cheese, and the possibility of starting your life all over again when everything goes south of the border.

About the author:

Liz Foster grew up in England in a family obsessed with Scrabble, Boggle, crosswords and books. When she’s not writing she’s thinking about it – peppering her family with questions about plot and character dilemmas, listening to podcasts, reading out loud and boring the dog senseless. The Good Woman’s Guide to Making Better Choices is her first novel.

ISBN: 9781922992635

Publisher: Affirm Press

Credit: https://affirmpress.com.au/browse/book/Liz-Foster-Good-Woman’s-Guide-to-Making-Better-Choices-9781922992635

TitleGood Woman’s Guide to Making Good Choices