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Gemini Falls

By Sean Wilson

Melbourne, 1930, as the Great Depression is taking hold: Thirteen-year-old Morris Turner, a little anxious by nature, feels more at home gazing at the stars than spending time with his detached father Jude, a detective, and older sister, Lottie. When a young woman is murdered in Jude’s home town of Gemini, he is assigned to solve the case. With fear and polio rising in the city, Jude reluctantly takes Morris and Lottie to the small town he left long ago.

At the family farm in Gemini, Morris meets relations who are strangers – an aunt, an uncle, and a cousin obsessed with detective novels – and is drawn into a community reeling from a murder and a financial crash. Without a clear suspect for the killing, suspicions have turned to the downtrodden, huddled in camps outside the town. But Morris is sure there is more to this case. With the help of new friends, he turns his attention instead to the people around him, confronting his fears and searching for a killer in a town full of mysteries – a search that will bring secrets old and new to the surface, and leave someone else fighting for their life.

About the author:

Sean Wilson is a writer, playwright and communications professional from Perth, Western Australia. His short stories have been published in Australian and international journals, anthologies and literary magazines including Island and Narrative, and he was previously shortlisted for the Patrick White Playwrights Award by Sydney Theatre Company. He now lives in Melbourne with his fiancée. Gemini Falls is his first book.

ISBN: 9781922806390

Publisher: Affirm Press


TitleGemini Falls