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By Sue White

Cut is a thrilling, provocative novel set against the backdrop of a major Melbourne hospital’s surgical team in the time before #metoo blew the lid off institutionalised misogyny and sexism (and will appeal to readers of Love & Virtue and Emotional Female).

Carla is a young doctor striving to become the first female surgeon at a prestigious Melbourne hospital. When a consultant post opens up, she competes with her lover for the job and thinks she can be judged on merit. But an assault after a boozy workplace dinner leaves her traumatised and struggling to cope with the misogyny coming from every corner of her workplace. Recovering her fragmented memories from that night, Carla begins a fight for justice that will shake the foundations of the hospital she loves.


‘An honest, incisive look at the cancer of entitlement and power.’ – Filip Vukasin

‘This gripping book doesn’t pull any punches in exposing the misogyny in surgery. I fell in love with Carla, one of the most authentic and relatable heroines I’ve met for a long time. I adored this book.’ – Alison Reynolds

About the author:

Susan White is a doctor and a writer based in Northcote, Melbourne, Victoria. As a clinical geneticist, Susan hunts for answers to undiagnosed genetic conditions in children. Shortlisted for the Kill Your Darlings’ Unpublished Manuscript Award in 2017, CUT is her first work of adult fiction.

ISBN: 9781922806383

Publisher: Affirm Press