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The Nowhere Child

Kim Leamy works as a photography teacher in Melbourne. One day, on a break between classes, Kim is approached by a stranger.  He is undertaking an investigation on the 28-year old mystery of the disappearance of a young girl in Manson, Kentucky, and believes that Kim is the missing girl, Sammy Went.

Kim initially brushes off the absurd suggestion, but after delving deeper into her family history, she begins to question her past. To uncover the truth, Kim ventures to Sammy’s home in a Kentucky town, as the mystery unravels and secrets come to the fore.

Lauded by the likes of Books + Publishing magazine as ‘a page-turning labyrinth of twists and turns’, Jane Caro as a ‘gripping read [that] takes you to the very edge of reality’ and Mark Brandi for its ability to create a ‘noxious world of dysfunctional families and small-town secrets’, Christian White’s debut novel is a thrilling, suspenseful read that alternates between past and present.

TitleThe Nowhere Child
AuthorChristian White