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Sleeping Beauties

A strange, global phenomenon is causing women to become cloaked in a cocoon-like gauze when asleep.  If awakened and the wrapping disturbed, the women become ferociously violent.

While the inmates of a women’s prison in Dooling, West Virginia have succumbed to a virus, Evie is the exception, as she is able to sleep and wake.  Word begins to spread, causing people to question whether she is an anomaly, or if she is possessed by something sinister.

The abandoned men become increasingly aggressive towards each other, as Lila Norcross, Dooling’s Sheriff, is fighting to stay awake.

Daily Mail praised the novel, stating that ‘Stephen King now seems set on creating top-notch chillers as a family business’ and has a ‘vast cast of brilliantly drawn characters’.  Guardian referred to Sleeping Beauties as a ‘bulging, colourful epic; a super-sized happy meal, liberally salted with supporting characters and garnished with splashes of arterial ketchup’. Sci-Fi Bulletin declared that it was one of their ‘favourite books of the year’, while USA Today commended the duo’s ability to ‘bring all their skills together in a fast-paced, explosive finale and emotional aftermath’.

TitleSleeping Beauties
AuthorStephen King and Owen King