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From the title (all caps LOVE! complete with exclamation point) to every witticism, aside and coy joke, this book is nothing if not enthusiastic and utterly joyful. Zoë Foster Blake draws on her experience writing for Cosmopolitan’s dating column, her previous books and her own life to dispense advice to the love-starved and loved-up with a light touch and a big heart.

The book is separated into four main sections – self, dating, hurting and commitment – so it’s easy to navigate. Reading this book was like sitting down for a deep conversation with a close friend, over cups of tea or a bottle of wine, except they never complain about their own partner. Even the areas that aren’t necessarily as relevant (for example the dating section for someone who has been married for three years) provide insight into relationships and self-worth that could definitely be helpful. Not to mention learning how to be the ultimate relationship guru for your friends.

Over such a broad, emotional and complex subject, there will always be some advice that you’ll take and some you’ll leave. But this book is an honest exploration of some of the landmarks on the journey, with an overwhelmingly positive message intended to help the reader be happy in love and life.

Rebecca Sutherland, WHSmith Australia

AuthorZoe Foster Blake