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On the Come Up

For anyone wondering if Angie Thomas’ second YA novel, On the Come Up, will live up to her hugely successful The Hate U Give: don’t worry, this is another fantastic, engaging and thought-provoking story, told with skill, intelligence and flair.

Bri is an aspiring rapper and high school student who is constantly infuriated by the boxes people insist on putting her in. The story is narrated from her point of view and one of the most wonderful aspects of this book is her unique voice, turning into poetry and rap lyrics exploring a huge range of emotions and ideas as the plot moves forward. Once again Thomas provides a relatable and diverse cast of characters and engages with social issues in a realistic and natural way.

A major theme of this book is the limited choices available to people in Bri’s life, and the stakes for success and failure. For her, getting a ‘come up’ is not just a dream but a necessity; the only way she can see a positive future for the people she loves.

The rap lyrics featured provide insight into Bri’s thoughts and feelings and give the writing style an irrepressible energy, rhythm and flow. It’s a joy to read.

Rebecca Sutherland, WHSmith Australia

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TitleOn the Come Up
AuthorAngie Thomas