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The Near Daphne Experience

By Alison Reynolds

Meet Daphne Buckley, a psychiatrist in search of a great love. He hasn’t turned up yet. But surely he will. He could be any one of the respondents to her old-fashioned ‘looking for love’ classifieds. He could be one of the men her overbearing mother tries to set her up with, or even someone she already knows.

It doesn’t matter. Daphne is determined and brainy and prepared to bend all the rules. With old schoolfriend Celeste by her side and her mother’s grooming tips for unkempt leg hair, love is likely just around the corner. Whether Daphne deserves it is another question. And with a psychopathic killer lurking, how far she’ll go to get it is the biggest question of all.

The Near Daphne Experience is a riotous romp about the unedifying search for love, and the most original book you’ll read this year.

‘Funny and heartwarming. The most original book I’ve read in years!’ – Rachael Johns

‘Delightfully quirky, clever and witty. I absolutely adored it.’ – Nicola Moriarty

‘In the spirit of the funniest farces, this riotous story and its cast of caustic characters will have you laughing on the train in front of strangers.’ – Carrie Cox

About the author:

Alison Reynolds lives by the sea in Melbourne with her family and a heater-hogging, dentally challenged dog named Rosie. The Near Daphne Experience is her debut adult novel, after a long career writing children’s books.

Alison decided to concentrate on writing after a series of mediocre jobs, including working for the most curmudgeonly boss in Melbourne. She has a Master of Creative Arts and is excellent at drinking coffee, braving Victoria’s icy seas and losing herself in books.

ISBN: 9781922711762

Publisher: Affirm Press

Credit: https://affirmpress.com.au/publishing/near-daphne-experience/

TitleThe Near Daphne Experience