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One Punch

By Julie Fison

Yasmin Weston is on holiday when she learns that her son Daniel has been assaulted at home in Australia, leaving him with a debilitating brain injury. She vows to hunt down his attacker.

Evie MacIntyre knows the Westons from school. She’s never had much time for Yasmin and she dislikes Daniel because he bullied her son, Brody. When Evie discovers evidence that Brody was involved in the attack, she is torn but decides there is no way she will let her only son go to jail.

As two mothers wrestle with the consequences of their actions, two families suffer the shockwaves of one catastrophic night and a punch that changes everything.

About the author:

Julie Fison is the author of the Hazard River adventure series for young readers, the play As the Crow Flies and stories in the Choose Your Own Ever After series. She lives in Brisbane, Queensland with her husband and children. One Punch is her first adult novel.

ISBN: 9781922711458

Publisher: Affirm Press

Credit: https://affirmpress.com.au/publishing/one-punch/