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One Last Dance

By Emma Jane Holmes

Emma Jane Holmes had her dream job, working in the funeral industry, caring for those who could no longer care for themselves. But when the bills mounted after her marriage breakdown, she turned to her other dream – dancing on stage as a showgirl – and her glittering alter ego Madison was born. Emma Jane kept Madison a secret. Madison kept Emma Jane an even bigger one.

But what happens when death touches the neon world of the strip club? And sex – in the form of a cute co-worker – encroaches on the funeral home? Could the answer be life, lived in the day, because that’s the only day you have?
Emma Jane Holmes’ debut will take you into the mortuary, cemetery and crematorium – and behind the scenes in night clubs – and answer all the questions you never wanted to ask …

About the author:

Emma Jane Holmes has spent most of her adult life working in death care, and her passion for writing led to the publication of her blog, Heels and Hearses, which amassed readers worldwide. The popularity of her adventures in the funeral home surprised her, landing a book deal. The blog has since been unpublished, the stories to be found exclusively in the book you hold now. When not working with the dead, Emma Jane could be found on stage as an exotic dancer, trying to be sexy. She attempted to maintain a divide between the two worlds but the adult industry was as fascinating as the funeral home and is the backbone to her strength and character today. Dancing is still an important part of her life; often attending pole fitness classes pretending she doesn’t know all the tricks, and wearing sequins during the day, just because. Emma Jane has left the city and mortuary behind her, currently living on the Mid North Coast of Australia studying a Bachelor of Arts.

ISBN: 9781489251022

Publisher: HarperCollins

Credit: https://www.harpercollins.com.au/9781489251039/one-last-dance/

TitleOne Last Dance