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Leave Me Alone

By Christian Hull

The hilarious, no-filter memoir from beloved comedian and social media star Christian Hull.

‘I loved it! You’ll binge read it! It’s un-put-down-able! Seriously funny.’ TANYA HENNESSY

Christian Hull is a hardcore introvert. He loves being a little bit famous for his videos, but at the end of the day he’s a lone wolf – one who’s more interested in Caramilk on the couch than cocktails in the club. He’s a strong believer in Netflix and chilling at home, alone; he’s always the first to smokebomb social events, and he is in a committed relationship with his indoor plants.

Christian tells his behind-the-scenes story with his signature, completely unapologetic honesty, from growing up with triplet brothers to building a career in comedy; from his fear of moths to some of his more daring Grindr sexcapades. He invites you into his personal creative universe, where wearing a wig to make random videos and screaming swearwords at resin pendants somehow turn out to be great decisions.

Leave Me Alone is a story of breaking the mould and embracing exactly who you are, even if that means telling people to leave you the f**k alone.

‘I only enjoyed the parts I was in . . . skip to Chapter 8!’ EMMYLOU MACCARTHY

About the author:

Christian Hull is a comedian, writer, podcaster and prolific content creator. He began his career in radio but is best known for his personal, off-the-cuff videos, winning legions of fans across Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. His podcast, Complete Drivel, is a mainstay in the iTunes Top 50, and he has completed three sold-out national comedy tours. He lives in Brisbane with his vast collection of indoor plants.

ISBN: 9781760876531

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

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TitleLeave Me Alone