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Grace Under Pressure

By Tori Haschka

A deliciously hilarious, honest and heartfelt portrayal of modern-day motherhood and the saving grace of female friendship.

Grace Harkness looks like she has it all – two beautiful children, four cookbooks under her belt and an idyllic beachside home #blessed. But add another baby on the way (oops), a spouse that is nowhere to be seen and a relentless list of things she ‘should’ be doing, and Grace is starting to unravel.

When the madness of modern-day motherhood finally pushes her to the brink, Grace and her friends decide to ditch the men in their lives, move in together and create a ‘mummune’ – sharing the load of chores, school pick-ups/drop-offs and endless Life Admin. The new set-up seems like a dream, but is life in this utopian village all it’s cracked up to be?

Praise for Grace Under Pressure

‘Tori Haschka has done a superb job of capturing the struggles, the fears and the loneliness of motherhood, but also the camaraderie, strength and vital importance of female friendship. It’s a modern, clever and heartrending read.’ Nicola Moriarty, author of Those Other Women

‘What a funny, real and insightful depiction of motherhood, friendship and the struggle (which, demonstrably, is REAL). I hungrily devoured the pages of this deftly written book. An ode to the power of women.’ Sally Hepworth, author of The Good Sister

‘I was utterly and overwhelmingly hooked to every single brilliant, funny, sharp, gorgeously written page.’ Ceridwen Dovey, author of Life After Truth

‘Baths will overflow, chops burn, washing languish in the machine and children delight in extra screen time while we finish this funny, comforting, truly original book, finding ourselves on every page.’ Meg Mason, author of Sorrow and Bliss

‘Tori Haschka’s Grace Under Pressure is a page-turning and heart-warming (even mouth-watering!) story underscoring the importance of solidarity among women amidst the daily challenges of modern living. A debut novel that will resonate with parents and foodies alike.’ Fiona Higgins, author of An Unusual Boy

‘Witty, wise and with so much insight about modern motherhood … a pleasure to read.’ Cassie Hamer, author of The End of Cuthbert Close

‘Grace Under Pressure really is about female friendship, and the thread of sisterhood runs deep … ignore the kids, ignore the washing, order takeaway. Ignore everything you think you’re meant to be doing, and bunker down with this.’ Better Reading

About the author:

Tori Haschka is a Sydney based author, food writer and mum of two. Her articles have featured in Grazia, The Times, the Guardian, Mammamia and the Sydney Morning Herald and her blog eatori.com was ranked by Saveur as one of the five best food and travel blogs in the world. Grace Under Pressure is her first novel.

ISBN: 9781760857318

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Credit: https://www.simonandschuster.com.au/books/Grace-Under-Pressure/Tori-Haschka/9781760857318

TitleGrace Under Pressure