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Flawed Hero

By Chris Masters
The shocking story of the case against Australia’s most highly decorated soldier, Ben Roberts-Smith VC MG, and the defamation trial of the century.

With a Victoria Cross and Medal for Gallantry, Ben Roberts-Smith was the most highly decorated Australian soldier, the best of the best. When he returned to civilian life, he became a poster boy for a nation hungry for warrior heroes. He embodied the myth of the classic Anzac, seven-foot-tall and bulletproof. But as his public reputation continued to grow, inside the army rumours were circulating.

Gold Walkley Award winning journalist Chris Masters was the first to investigate the rumours of summary executions, bloodings and bullying, and began to examine more closely the man we wanted to hero-worship. When the stories hit the headlines, and with a billionaire media baron’s backing, Ben Roberts-Smith sued. So commenced the defamation trial of the century, a courtroom contest of tightrope tactics and fierce wit.

Chris Masters tells the extraordinary story of Ben Roberts-Smith, the man at the centre of this de facto war crimes trial, from the battlegrounds of Afghanistan to the front lines of the Federal Court.

‘If there was a Victoria Cross for bravery in journalism, Chris Masters deserves to receive it.’ -Phillip Adams

‘There’s seriously no one else in Australia with the knowledge that Chris Masters has in relation to Australian Special Forces in Afghanistan.’ —Former Commando Major

About the author:

Chris Masters PSM is a powerful force in Australian journalism. A multi Walkley Award winner, his reports ‘The Big League’ and ‘The Moonlight State’ both led to royal commissions that helped transform the nation. He spent extended periods with Australian forces in Afghanistan, and he is the author of the bestselling Jonestown, Uncommon Soldier and No Front Line.

ISBN: 9781761069819

Publisher: Allen & Unwin