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By Russel Hutchings


John Devereaux, an SAS Warrant Officer, is seconded to the Australian Secret Intelligence Service and handed a mission that will test him to his very core – both professionally and personally.

The operationally deniable mission: infiltrate into Cambodia via parachute in the dead of night, alone, and assassinate two high-value targets guarded by two-dozen elite soldiers.

From the relentless jungles of Cambodia to the chaotic civilian-filled streets of Sydney and Bangkok, to the secretive dens of Moscow and the extravagant French Riviera, explosive SAS and ASIS action uncovers a shadowy and powerful organisation that brings us face to face with the Russian Mafia.

Unbeknown to Devereaux, the Director-General of the Secret Intelligence Service, is testing him for a far more important role – to head an off-the-books clandestine cell buried deep inside this secret organisation and known only as MANTRA-6.

Devereaux’s mission has only just begun …

Mantra 6: Brimstone is the first in Russel Hutchings’ explosive new thriller series featuring operative John Devereaux.

About the author:

Born in Perth, Western Australia, Russel Hutchings is a former SAS Warrant Officer with over 20 years’ service in the Regiment. Russel has operated in many of the world’s troubled areas and most recently performed the role of military adviser providing information-collection services to a US-based company operating in Afghanistan. He has drawn on decades of experience in the SAS and within the intelligence-collection sphere to write the MANTRA-6 series with the utmost authenticity and credibility. Now retired, Russel is concentrating on a writing career in the genre of fast-paced espionage novels.

ISBN: 9781922488985

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Credit: https://www.simonandschuster.com.au/books/Mantra-6-Brimstone/Russel-Hutchings/9781922488985