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The Van Apfel Girls Are Gone

Tikka Molloy was eleven and one-sixth years old during the summer the Van Apfel sisters disappeared. Hannah, beautiful Cordelia and Ruth vanished during the night of the school’s Showstopper concert at the amphitheatre by the river, surrounded by encroaching bushland. 

Now, years later, Tikka has returned home to try and make sense of the summer that shaped her, and the girls that she never forgot.

Praised by Delia Ephron as a ‘compelling mystery’ with a ‘rare depth of psychological and emotional truth’ and by Robert Drewe as ‘sharp, mysteriously moving and highly entertaining’ Felicity McLean’s The Van Apfel Girls Are Gone, is Picnic at Hanging Rock for a new generation, a haunting coming-of-age story with a shimmering, unexplained mystery at its heart.

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TitleThe Van Apfel Girls Are Gone
AuthorFelicity McLean