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Whisper Network

Sloane and her colleagues have worked at Truviv, Inc. for years. The sudden death of Truviv’s CEO means their boss, Ames, will likely take over the company. Each of the women has a different relationship with Ames, who has always been surrounded by whispers about how he treats women. Those whispers have been ignored and swept under the rug by those in charge.

But the world has changed, and the women are watching this promotion differently. When they find out Ames is making an inappropriate move on a colleague, they decide to take a stand, uncovering lies and exposing secrets. 

Liv Constantine, bestselling author of The Last Mrs Parrish commended Baker for the way in which her novel is ‘sprinkled with insights about what it is to be a woman today’, and how it makes its readers want to ‘cheer for the sisterhood’.  New York Times bestselling author Miranda Beverly-Whittemore stated that ‘Whisper Network is Big Little Lies meets Working Girl’ and ‘a gripping, #metoo-era thriller’. AJ Finn, bestselling author of The Woman In The Window said that Whisper Network is ‘serrated as a kitchen knife, and twice as sharp’, while Riley Sager, New York Times bestselling author of The Last Time I Lied, proclaimed that Whisper Network is a ‘primal roar of a novel’.

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TitleWhisper Network
AuthorChandler Baker