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The Sparkle Pages

Susannah is a viola virtuoso, but she hasn’t picked up a viola for over a decade. She has, however, picked up a lot of Lego, socks and wet towels. She has also picked up on the possibility that her husband has lost interest in her. 

In her highly confidential diary, Susannah documents the search for the spark in her marriage, along with life with her children, her famous best friend Ria, and with Hugh, the man who fills her heart with burning passion and her washing pile with shirts.

Praised by Linda Smith from Hobart Mercury as ‘a hilarious, heartwarming – and at times heartbreaking – tale’ and lauded by Book’d Out for its ability to ‘steer the reader through sadness and joy’, The Sparkle Pages is a brilliant debut about a woman trying to rediscover herself.

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TitleThe Sparkle Pages
AuthorMeg Bignell