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The Lost Night

Edie was once the shining star in her 20-something circle in New York’s coolest neighbourhood. When she committed suicide at the end of a long, drunken night, no one could quite believe it.

Ten years later, a chilling chance reunion forces Edie’s best friend to wonder if there was more to her deathWhen a deeply unsettling video from that hazy night emerges, she starts to wonder if Edie was actually murdered.

As Lindsay turns detective on her own life, interrogating her own fractured memory, she is forced to confront the demons of her past.

The Lost Night has been praised by bestselling author of You, Caroline Kepnes for the way in which Bartz ‘casts a nostalgic, misty haze over this story about a meticulous-minded woman playing detective with her own life’ and by co-author of The Knockoff, Jo Piazza, as ‘a compulsively readable journey into the dark corners of memory’. Camille Perri, author of The Assistants and When Katie Met Cassidy, called The Lost Night a ‘suspenseful, twisty thriller’ that is the ‘perfect book if you’re in the midst of your invincible twenties’, while author of Watch Me Disappear, Janelle Brown, stated that ‘If The Girl on the Train had been a Brooklyn party kid, she’d feel right at home in The Lost Night’.

TitleThe Lost Night
AuthorAndrea Bartz