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The Flatshare

Tiffy Moore is a bubbly, bright assistant editor at Butterfingers Press, a publishing house that specialises in crafting and DIY books. Leon Twomey is a softly spoken palliative care nurse who works nights and stays with his girlfriend on weekends. Desperate for somewhere to live after splitting up with her long-term boyfriend, Tiffy agrees to a mutually beneficial arrangement with Leon.  From 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday, the south London flat (and bed) will be Leon’s, and at any other time, Tiffy will have the flat to herself.  Despite living in the same place, their work schedules mean that they will never cross paths.

What unfolds is a charming, uplifting story about two intriguing characters, with each chapter switching between Tiffy and Leon’s perspectives. Although the pair have not met, Post-It notes around the flat provide insight into each of their lives, as they discuss everything from manipulative partners and imprisoned siblings to crochet, wartime love stories, eccentric clients, nosy colleagues, protective friends and inquisitive patients. 

The Flatshare was a thoroughly enjoyable, heartwarming novel that is a must-read for fans of romantic comedies. 

Emily Pullen, WHSmith Australia

TitleThe Flatshare
AuthorBeth O'Leary