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The Book Thief

In Nazi Germany in 1939, the country is holding its breath.

By her brother’s graveside, Liesel’s life is changed when she picks up an object, partially hidden in the snow. It is The Gravedigger’s Handbook, and it is her first act of book thievery. 

So begins a love affair with books and words, as Liesel learns to read. Soon she is stealing books from Nazi book-burnings, the mayor’s wife’s library, wherever there are books to be found. 

But these are dangerous times. When Liesel’s foster family hides a Jewish fist-fighter in their basement, Liesel’s world is both opened up, and closed down. 

Praised by New York Times as ‘the kind of book that can be life-changing’ and by The Age as ‘an original, moving, beautifully written book’, Zukas’ The Book Thief is a stunning and enduring novel.

TitleThe Book Thief
AuthorMarkus Zusak