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The Single Ladies of Jacaranda Retirement Village

Peggy Smart’s life is as beige as the decor in her retirement village. Her week revolves around aqua aerobics and appointments with her doctor, and following a minor traffic accident, things have turned frosty with her grown-up children. Peggy dreams of inviting her neighbour Brian, the handsome widower, to an intimate dinner, but fears he wouldn’t look twice at her. As a woman of a certain age, she believes she has become invisible, even to men in their eighties. However, a chance encounter with an old school friend sets Peggy on an unexpected journey of self-discovery.

Commended by Kelly Rimmer as a ‘uniquely endearing book that is a ‘celebration of age instead of an apology for it’, by Fiona Palmer as a ‘refreshing, funny, realistic and warm read’ and by Natasha Lester as the ‘perfect blend of funny and moving’, Joanna Nell’s debut is a life-affirming story of love and community.

TitleThe Single Ladies of Jacaranda Retirement Village
AuthorJoanna Nell