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Second Sight

Eliza Carmody works as a lawyer at a distinguished city firm, but has returned to the country to gather evidence for the biggest law case of her career: a bushfire class action by her hometown, Kinsale.  Eliza, however, is on the opposing side, defending a large corporation.

On her first day in Kinsale, Eliza witnesses an old friend commit a violent act, and while the police are investigating the crime and hunting for the perpetrator, they discover bones at an historic homestead. Eliza is adamant that they are the remains of someone from her youth, and becomes increasingly entangled in the investigation.  Flooded with memories of old friendships, Eliza begins to question everyone in the pursuit for the truth.

Heralded by contemporaries such as Emily Maguire as ‘brilliant’, considered to be a ‘another engrossing read by one of our most talented crime writers’ by Anna George and ‘a compelling story about secrets, small town loyalties and lies’ by Emma Viskic, and revered by Garry Disher for its ‘shrewdly paced account of a young litigation layer’s investigations into a suspicious fire and her own troubled history’, Second Sight is an intriguing novel that interweaves past and present perspectives.

TitleSecond Sight
AuthorAoife Clifford