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Hunting El Chapo: Taking Down the World’s Most-Wanted Drug Lord

This is the extraordinary true story of two men: Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera (aka El Chapo) and Andrew Hogan.

One, a small boy from a mountainside town in Mexico, who grew up to become one of the most powerful, dangerous and feared narcos of our times; portrayed as a Mexican Robin Hood, he was, in fact, both a Forbes billionaire and US Public Enemy number 1.

The other, a kid with big dreams of joining the Kansas State Troopers who became a highly respected D.E.A. Special Agent. An agent tasked with pursuing El Chapo and bringing him to justice.

Hunting el Chapo is the gripping cat-and-mouse thriller of how Hogan did just that. Spanning a chase that would last seven years, across the US, Mexico and Central America, Hogan gives us a unique insight into one of the darkest chapters in the 21st century drug wars, as well as demonstrating just what it takes to capture one of the world’ most dangerous and elusive criminals.

Despite being unbearably tense at times, Hunting El Chapo is a pacy, atmospheric and gripping read. If you enjoyed Zero Dark Thirty, Scarface or American Gangster, then you’ll love Hunting El Chapo.

– Gemma Fahy, Harper Collins

TitleHunting El Chapo: Taking Down the World’s Most-Wanted Drug Lord
AuthorAndrew Hogan & Douglas Century