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Don’t Let Go

In a small town in New Jersey, a teenage boy and girl were found dead.  While most people concluded that the deaths must have been the result of a suicide pact, the dead boy’s brother, Nap Dumas, disagreed.

Now, fifteen years later, Nap is a policeman, determined to make peace with the past and unearth its deepest secrets.

Prolific author Dan Brown refered to Harlan Coben as the ‘modern master of the hook and twist’, while The Times stated that ‘Coben is a phenomenon’ and ‘the most reliable of American thriller-writers, the least likely to disappoint’.  Sunday Times said that Don’t Let Go is ‘as moreish as ever’, and Gillian Flynn argued that Coben is ‘simply one of the all-time greats’ as his thrillers are ‘riveting, twisty, surprising’ stories with ‘big, beating [hearts] at [their] core’.  New York Times also heaped praise on Harlan Coben, professing that he is a ‘folk poet of the suburbs’ and ‘Don’t Let Go shows why’.

TitleDon’t Let Go
AuthorHarlan Coben