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Dinner with the Dissidents

Nobel laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn is lauded in the West for exposing the underbelly of communism. He’s rumoured to be writing his most devastating work yet.

Aspiring writer, Leonid Krasnov, is promised to be Moscow’s next literary star if he can infiltrate Solzhenitsyn’s inner circle and uncover his secrets.  At first Leonid complies, but after falling in love with a dissident musician, his allegiances waver, and he becomes enmeshed in a sinister plot.

Years later, Leonid is a recluse living in Canberra under an assumed name. Haunted by his past, he seeks one last chance to make amends.

Praised by author Jock Serong, as a ‘fierce work of personal and political resistance’, by Lee Kofman, as a ‘multilayered and gripping novel’, and by Alice Robinson as ‘meticulously composed and masterfully told’, John Tesarsch’s Dinner With The Dissidents is a must-read.

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TitleDinner with the Dissidents
AuthorJohn Tesarsch