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April in Paris, 1921

Katherine King Button feels trapped.  After returning from the Great War where she served as a nurse, she is now being hounded by her parents to get married.  Desperate for freedom, Katherine flees for Paris.

It is here that she reinvents herself as Kiki Button, an alluring socialite and spy, who mingles with the rich, the famous, and the bohemian.

However, when Picasso asks her to find his wife’s stolen portrait, and her old spymaster tells her to find a double agent immediately, or face jail time, Kiki must draw on her wartime knowledge to save all that she holds dear.

Praised by New York Times bestselling author Kate Williams as ‘beautifully written’ with ‘fascinating characters’, Tessa Lunney’s debut novel perfectly encapsulates Paris in the Roaring Twenties.

TitleApril in Paris, 1921
AuthorTessa Lunney