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Black Lies

By Mercedes Mercier
The most dangerous man is the one with nothing to lose …

‘Tension and menace … Mercier wields exceptional talent’ CANDICE FOX

‘Will keep you turning pages late into the night: don’t say you weren’t warned!’ HAYLEY SCRIVENOR

Only a handful of inmates in Westmead Prison have committed crimes so atrocious that they’ve been locked away for life, and for fifteen years, convicted murderer Tomas Kovak has refused to disclose where he hid the body of his victim, a vulnerable young woman.

When Kovak is diagnosed with terminal cancer, intense pressure is put on Dr Laura Fleming, criminal psychologist, to find the location of Kovak’s victim so her grieving family can find some sort of closure.

Laura has to use all of her training, skills and instinct to form a connection with the cold, remorseless killer, a man who has refused any psychological assessment since the day he confessed to the murder.

With every session, Laura becomes more and more convinced that something about Kovak’s story doesn’t ring true, and as his health rapidly deteriorates, the pressure on Laura ramps up. She becomes increasingly desperate, resorting to unconventional methods to find out what she can from the secretive man.

As she inches closer to the truth, she discovers some people will stop at nothing to keep the past hidden … and the people Laura cares most about are fair game.

Love can make you do terrible things.


‘Tension and menace … Mercedes Mercier wields exceptional talent to keep the reader flipping pages.’ CANDICE FOX

‘Dr Laura Fleming is back! This book will have you turning pages late into the night: don’t say you weren’t warned!’ HAYLEY SCRIVENOR

‘Twisty and whip smart … You’ll devour this novel’ ALI LOWE

‘A page-turner of the highest order … Enthralling’ MEREDITH JAFFE

‘A stunning thrill ride … A must read’ NINA D. CAMPBELL

‘Cracking pace, crisp prose and compelling plot culminate in a nail-biting climax. Mercier’s inner knowledge of the criminal justice system puts her in a league of her own’ VERONICA LANDO

‘Dr Laura Fleming is one of my favourite characters. I want her job.’ B.M. CARROLL

‘Tense, propulsive, sharply plotted … Black Lies is a fresh spin on crime, and an enthralling mystery which will leave you frantically guessing to the last page. I couldn’t put it down!’ JOSH HORTINELA, DYMOCKS SYDNEY

About the author:

Mercedes Mercier writes ‘just-one-more-page’ crime with twisting plots and relatable characters. As well as writing books, Mercedes works in the criminal justice system, providing her unique insight into the world of prisons, crime and offenders. After a brush with death, Mercedes decided to throw herself into life. She lived overseas, become a black belt in Karate, skydived, and volunteered with animals. When she doesn’t have her nose in her laptop and her mind in a story, she loves to read, travel, try new restaurants, and listen to podcasts (true crime of course). She dreams of living on a big property with a menagerie of animals, but currently lives in Adelaide with her partner and just the one dog. Her debut novel, White Noise, featuring prison psychologist Laura Fleming, was published in 2022.

ISBN: 9781460761700

Publisher: Harper

Credit: https://www.harpercollins.com.au/9781460761700/black-lies/