Welcome to Wild Cards & Gifts, where you’ll find the perfect gift for every occasion.

The Wild Cards & Gifts story

Wild Cards & Gifts was founded in 2002 by two occasions enthusiasts who saw an opportunity to build a cards, gifts and wrap network in a market full of independent gift stores.

This network is the key to our success. It has allowed us to harness our collective buying power to provide our customers with premium and affordable cards, gifts and wrap.

14 years later and we are now Australia’s largest franchise network specialising in quality cards and gifts. To ensure the network’s continued growth, WHSmith bought the business in 2014. With decades of knowledge and experience in high street retail, WHSmith is the perfect fit to support our growing franchise network.

Driving to be Australia’s No 1 destination for cards, gifts and wrap, it’s essential to remain dynamic and work with our franchisees in partnership so that we can continue to grow and be even better!