Welcome to Wild Cards & Gifts, where you’ll find the perfect gift for every occasion.

What motivates us?

At Wild Cards & Gifts we have five core values that ensure all our franchisees understand who we are and where the business is going. These values underpin everything that we do.

  • Passion – Passion for our product. Passion for our customers. Passion. Passion. Passion. A love for what we do is number one for being great at what we do.
  • Hard work – Our product is fun but our success is based on hard work. When effort goes into the business, rewards come out.
  • Honesty – Communication is key. Being open about the business helps us identify areas that need work. Open communication is how we grow.
  • Respect – We are a brand built on mutual respect. We respect each other and we respect our suppliers. This leads to a happy work environment and stronger relationships.
  • Community – We get to know our communities. Engaging the local community is the most important part of franchisees local area marketing. When we know our community, we know how to make a difference in their lives.