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How big is the cards & gifts industry?

Greeting cards and gifts is a robust industry in Australia. The gifting sector generates $2 billion in revenue per year. The top three card suppliers in Australia share 70% of the market and, based on sales volume, is worth in excess of $800 million.

The card and gift industry has traditionally been made up of independent retailers, however the financial return and profitability offered by being part of a franchise group is second to none. The buying power of Wild Cards & Gifts allows our franchisees to buy superior products at superior prices, and few stores are able to promote themselves as efficiently and effectively as Wild Cards & Gifts.

What makes us different from other retailers in the market is our gifting experience and excellent customer service. Everyone can find something at Wild Cards & Gifts. That’s how broad our range is. We know what sells and we know how to exceed the expectations of our customers. Every time.